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This week, children at the nursery were finding out different information about the pirates. We read books, made treasures maps and even changed our climbing frame to a pirate ship! To link our learning at the nursery with learning at home I would like to give you a challenge! Can you make a pirate flag ... Continue reading Challenge →


Its taken a bit of getting used to but we are managing to stay safe by staying 2m apart. The colourful crosses help us to social distance. We are having an "All together" snack now and really enjoy having a time where we can chat with our friends. Being outdoors allows us to show off ... Continue reading Settling back in to our new normal! →


We have asked our parents : How well supported by Hopefield staff did you and your family feel during the Covid-19 lockdown? Here are some charts summarizing children`s and parents feedback. coming back after Covid-19 chart



Hi Children Here is our final butterfly fluttering around in its net before I release it into the wild. Look at it's beautiful colours, patterns and symmetry. Jen IMG_2050


Hi Children I have been feeding our butterfly ripe banana. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet and they feed from over 100 types of plants which makes them great pollinators. Do you know any fun facts about butterflies? Jen

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